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Mailpiece Analysis Tools

To facilitate on going automation efforts and improve mailing economy, the United States Postal Service ® has mandated the use of mailpiece barcodes for discount-eligible First Class™ and Standard Mail jobs. However, these codes must meet certain specifications.

If barcodes fail testing at a USPS facility, mailers may forfeit their postal discounts and the resulting losses can be significant. That makes ensuring barcode accuracy essential, and makes products like the Gage-Line ® Analysis Tools a wise investment for any efficiency-minded mailing professional.

Mailers need to be savvy and proactive when it comes to meeting the latest postal regulations. These useful quality-control tools will provide end users with significant piece of mind at a modest price.

Mailpiece Analysis Tools

20X Microscope
111392 20X Microscope with Reticle
showing scale with .001 inch increments
For analyzing variable barcode discrepancies of high magnifications
20X Microscope (PDF - 90kb)
Tilt-Gage 100702 TILT-GAGE© For manually checking:
- Combined bar & barcode tilt
relative to bottom edge of mailpiece
- Individual bar & barcode tilt
- Address block tilt
TILT-Gage (PDF - 130kb)
2D Barcode Imager 100502 2D Barcode Imager For decoding, imaging and rudimentary inspection of Postnet and Intelligent Mail® Barcodes
2D Barcode Imager (PDF - 347kb)
 Optical Barcode Decoder 100503  Optical Barcode Decoder For manually decoding Postnet Barcodes
Optical Barcode Decoder (PDF - 117kb)
Image Inspector®  100648 IMAGE INSPECTOR© For analyzing & dimensionally verifying barcode image

Gage-Line Solutions 100XXX B & L EYE PIECE Loupe 10X Magnifier

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