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Calibration Products & Inspection Services


Calibration Products
Industry Standards

Calibration & Inspection Services


Calibration Products:



Precision Calibration Grids Metric

Glass Stage Micrometers Glass Stage Micrometers
(PDF - 112kb)
Glass Grids Glass Grids
(PDF - 97kb)
Glass 90 degree Master Multi Scale Glass Scales

Machine Vision Grids Machine Vision Grids
(PDF - 82kb)
Comparator Calibration Kits



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Industry Standards:


Test Patterns Test Patterns
(PDF - 91kb)
Barcode Standards

Targets Targets
(PDF - 479kb)
Brinell Scope Calibration
Resolution Targets Resolution Targets
(PDF - 5,984kb)
Target Arrays

Ronchi Ruling

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Calibration & Inspection Service:

Glass Scales

Diametapes Diametapes (Diameter Tapes)

Glass Grids
(PDF - 97kb)
Measuring Tapes
(PDF - 147kb)
Reticles, Reticules, Graticules Reticles, Reticules, Graticules
(PDF - 82kb)
First Articles

Printed Line Images

Customer Products

Comparator Chart-gages Comparator Chart Gages
(PDF - 117kb)
PostNet Barcodes

Pocket Comparators

Intelligent Mail® Barcodes



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